It burned slow like a wick
That’s why it took so hard for me to realise and diffuse it
The flash and the bang was sick, and too loud to notice
Leaving a mess that left us confused, aiming we’d just take shelter in solstice.

Its easier to leave trouble as is,
But a hard decision to make as this,
this elemental connection; isn’t entirely unachievable.
It takes pressure to crystallise a diamond. 
Seeing that we, too are made of carbon
All that pressure shouldn’t make us break.
Then again, it takes pressure to make a bang, and a flash.
And that leads to all kinds of trouble.

All that pressure came deep, from places we’d never knew we’ll go.
It was better when it was just us and the sky, and the above. Dreaming of places we’d knew we’d never go.
But the all the clashes in silence left me wondering was it just for show. 
Whether what was natural eroded away? Or it was replaced with a natural need to fear alone and stay.

None the less it was quite a ride, one i wish was longer.
It wasn’t the best, but i couldn’t imagine anything better.


Day. 2

What a peculiar predicament it is when you stop trying to set goals at every new calendar year. You stop trying to convince yourself, that things will finally turn around this time. 

This time it'll be different.
This time wasn't like the last time.
Because the last time wasn't like the time before.
Strange isn't it, when last time actually was right now.

The course of action, I think would be wise is to wing it.
Swallow your pride, suck it up. Pray and hope any decision would be a wise one.
And we know it wasn't. We know it was probably a bad one, but it was probably the best.
Any decision would be the best decision if we convince ourselves enough it was.

Lets hope.

We keep proving ourselves wrong. To a year of mistakes.




I should start being more compassionate towards others.
It's either that, or I'm a self righteous bastard who's morality clouds his own judgement.
None the less, being selfless is good enough right?